Rob Gibbs

Rob was taught at an early age the significance of working hard and taking pride in what you do. He studied successful agents and entrepreneurs to learn the necessary skills to be able to be a great agent. Rob worked in a customer service roll where he enjoyed the opportunity to help find creative ways to solve problems. Apart from customer service, he has over a decade of experience building and remodeling homes from top to bottom. This helped him learn pitfalls to watch out for and positive attributes to look for. These experiences have generated a passion to learn the newest and best technology to build and remodel homes. He moved to Wilmington from Minnesota with his amazing wife Katie, and dog Mac in 2016. Since moving here has loved the beautiful beaches as well as the great local restaurants. If you need any recommendations for great sea food, or the best burger in town, he is happy to share is experiences. At the end of the day, Rob’s goal is to make everyone’s experience as smooth as possible, cultivating friendships not just new clients. Above all, his number one goal is to help you the best he can. He wants you to be happy and comfortable, not stressed and house poor!